Why Do You Need Help for Your Professional Voice Mail?

professional voice mailHow many times have you called someone and then ended up listening to a poorly recorded business voicemail greeting? If you want your business to put forward the right image then you want to ensure that your telephone voice mail greetings are recorded in a professional manner and scripted correctly. Greetings that have been recorded by everyone in the company will often sound poor and may even miss out vital information such as who to contact in an emergency.This is why you will need to use a professional voice over service to provide you with the greetings and other messages that you need for your telephone system. By using our professional voice over services you will be able to provide a consistent and well voiced message across your system giving the impression that you want to your callers.

We Can Help with Your Professional Voicemail Greeting

professional voice overBusiness voicemail requires far more than just a quick “they are not available”; often you will need to be able to tell a caller how to proceed if they don’t want to leave a message or even who to contact and how if they need help. Our services are highly experienced in creating voicemail systems and can provide you with everything that you need from initial scripting through to actually recording greetings and other messages. Our services do this through some of the very best qualified writers and recording specialists as well as providing highly experienced voiceover actors.

Business Greetings:
Sample 1
Sample 2
Original Greetings:
Sample 3
Sample 4
On-Hold Messages:
Sample 5
Sample 6

Our Voiceover Actors Are the Best

If you want clear and well articulated messages for your system then we can help. Through us you have access to a huge number of different voice talents that are highly experienced at providing voice overs for everything from telephone messages to corporate videos. Our actors can be simply selected by searching through our talent base and listening to the voice samples that we have there. Through us you have access to actors that are:

  • Highly experienced in their areas
  • Able to pace their voices correctly
  • Know how to avoid excess noises such as breathing
  • Are available in all ages and sexes
  • Are native English speakers
  • Cover many different accents

We can also provide you with voice over actors that speak languages other than English should you have a need to provide greetings in other languages.

Voice Over Writing and Editing

professional voicemail greetingYour script can be just as important as the voice that you employ. This is why we provide you with writing and editing services to ensure that your scripts are written perfectly and tailored to your specific needs. Our experts will talk with you directly to ensure that they fully understand your specific needs and the system that you are using. Through us you work with writing professionals that are:

  • Highly experienced in writing scripts for telephone systems and other application
  • Higher degree educated in relevant fields
  • Fully understand how a business voicemail system should work
  • Are native English speakers

We also provide help with translation through fully qualified translators should you need to have your greetings available in multiple languages.

We Provide Guaranteed Help

We always aim to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the help that we provide. Whether it is a single voicemail greeting or a whole business system we will always provide you with the very best staff and voice talent to ensure that the project is a complete success. We offer you:

  • Around the clock friendly professional support
  • Direct communication with our team
  • Highly affordable services for your voice over
  • Plagiarism testing and quality proofreading
  • Quality digital recording in your specified format
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or we will return your money

So if you are looking for the very best online help with your professional voice mail just contact our experts here today for support that you can rely on to deliver the very best!