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The professional voice mail is a distinct feature that was introduced with the evolution of telephone systems to a more digitized platform, particularly dealing with VoIP. In simple terms, a voice message is one that a caller leaves in the event that the person intended to pick the call is currently held up in conversation, or is far away from their phone. It acts in a similar manner to the answering machine. With the only difference being that instead of the voice message being stored on the phone, it is stored by the service provider in the user’s mail box! You can call it the email of the phone if you like! That’s why professional voice-over services for voicemails have become increasingly important!

Interesting Facts about Voicemails That You Had No Idea About!

Indeed, voicemails have revolutionized how we communicate and made it much easier to convey our messages when the intended recipient is unable to come to the phone.

That being said, here are some interesting facts about voicemails that you had no idea about:

  • About 75% of all calls are not completed in the first attempt by business premises.
  • 90% of all calls incoming within the business premises of the company is less important than the actual business being carried out at the office.
  • Of all messages received at a business premises, over 60% of all written messages

Have incomplete information:

  • 76% of business communication is not sensitive about time.

Why Is It Better to Have Funny Answering Machine Jokes?

Voicemails are used for effective communication in the presence of unavailability. That being said, it doesn’t mean that they always have to be serious. Indeed, here are some of the reasons why it is better to have answering machine message jokes instead of a serious one:

  • Helps break the ice: If this is the first time you are calling someone either for business or for personal reasons, a funny voicemail can help break the ice. Indeed, this will make the dynamics of the subsequent meeting much easier to handle.
  • Makes the phone call more pleasant: The fact that the recipient of the phone call missed out on the call doesn’t mean that they have to come back to a voicemail that is so serious. If anything, funny answering machine jokes will put a smile on their face, and they will most likely call you back immediately.
  • Reinforces the positive bond between the caller and the recipient: When a voicemail is funny, no doubt the caller and the recipient will have positive feelings towards each other and will be more open to contacting the other individual much later.

Examples of Some of the Funniest Voicemails Online

If you’re looking to tickle the funny bone of the recipient that your call was intended for, here is a list of some of the funniest voicemail jokes you can try out!

‘If you’ve reached the voice mail box of (your name), it probably means you’re good-looking. If so, leave a message at the tone. If your one of my friends, you can also leave a message at the tone. If you are neither hot nor one of my friends, then call back when you are!

Or maybe something along the lines of:

I’ll answer you next time if you promise to buy me a new Benz!

That being said, if you’d like more info on funny voicemails, you can sample our funny voicemail pictures and we’re pretty sure you’ll have a great laugh with them!

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How Can One Go about Doing a Great Voicemail Recording?

Indeed, recording a great voicemail may not be an easy task for some. That being said, here are some essential tips to handle voicemail recordings:

  • Make sure it’s authentic: A unique voicemail will capture the attention of a caller and make it more interesting to hear what you have to say and what you’re all about. It also speaks volumes about your personality.
  • Fluent: If it’s a voicemail for your place of work or business premises, then you should ensure that the voicemail is delivered in fluent English (or preferably your country of origin).
  • Humorous: Last but not least, make sure it has a bit of humor, including voicemail funny jokes,  as this will resonate well with the recipients of the voicemail.

With this in mind, you can count on our professional voicemail greeting service get the job done in terms of delivering impeccable voicemails for use. Not only do we provide top-tier services in terms of voice-overs for the voicemail, but also guarantee that it will put a smile on the face of your clients!

Conclusively, get in touch with our services if you would like a professional voice over for your voicemail delivered today!